D.C. funds nonprofits’ efforts against violence [News, 7/9]

City Funds Nonprofits’ Efforts Against Violence (WaPo, 7/9 – scroll down) – $200,000 from D.C. police to be split among 25 social profit groups. Council member Graham: “This is the first time the city is moving to a civilian strategy based on nonprofits.”

The Meyer Foundation Nonprofit Sector Fund funds training for members of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Washington, DC. (wire, 7/8)
Lodestar Foundation unveils $250,000 Collaboration Prize (ASUNews, 6/23) – “For nonprofits that have chosen cooperation over competition.” Nominations accepted until June July 21.
– After the merger of Commerce Bank and TD Banknorth, the TD Charitable Foundation announces its core initiatives. (wire, 7/8)
* WG EVENT: July 17: Nonprofit Mergers: The Funders’ Role (for WG’s Corporate Group)

Foreclosures’ financial strains take toll on kids (USAToday, 7/9)

Funds Misappropriated at 2 Nonprofit Groups (NYTimes, 7/9)
Golf tournament pays off for Bethesda charity group (Gazette, 7/9)
10 things you didn’t know about non-profits (CTW Features, 7/8) – Well, you may know.

Sir John M. Templeton, Philanthropist, Dies at 95 (NYTimes, 7/9)

$4 per GALLON
As Metro ridership soars, area road traffic shrinks (Examiner, 7/9) – People are actually changing their behavior. Kind of incredible. $4 is the magic number.

Fired D.C. Social Worker’s Caseload Had Ballooned (WaPo, 7/9) – Whatever your job, if your workload increases by over 1000 percent, quality will suffer. I’m not sure hanging individual social workers out to dry when something goes wrong is a good long-term solution. From the article: “Nickles also noted that the social worker had not seen children in 16 other cases.” Okay, then why didn’t they fire her before now? Perhaps it’s because that number is the norm. We’re not getting the whole story here.