Spread the word–Maryland covers the uninsured [News, 7/8]


“It’s not just for kids anymore.”

New healthcare for more families (WaPo, 7/8) – “Parents in a typical family of three with incomes up to $20,500 became eligible for the program starting last week.” Click for info on Maryland’s Medical Assistance for Families initiative.
Maryland groups join national affordable health care push (WBJ, 7/8)

Opinion: The District proposes a bold new way to pay teachers (WaPo editorial, 7/8) – “As [Rhee] asks more of [teachers], she wants to give more back. That core belief helped her persuade outside foundations — the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is said to be one of them — to provide millions of dollars over the next five years to fund the reforms.”
– WG EVENT: A Conversation with Michelle Rhee – July 17
“Save D.C.’s Vouchers,” says U.S. Dept of Education’s Margaret Spellings (WaPo, 7/8)

Frustrations over changes in the UDC board of trustees and the D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust have sparked D.C. Council hearings. (WaPo, 7/8)

The Price of Advice: Chronicles of a Young Philanthropist, Part III (NYTimes Freakonomics blog, 7/7) – This might be interesting to follow. 

Interview: Katherine Morrison of the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (Examiner, 7/8)
Advocates Speak Up for Illegal Day Laborers Cheated of Wages (WaPo, 7/8)