“If Rhee accomplishes this, it would be earthshaking reform…” [News, 7/3]

Rhee Targets Teachers’ Seniority, Tenure Rules (WaPo, 7/3) – “Those who voluntarily [give up seniority and tenure rights] would receive thousands of dollars in bonuses and raises, funded with foundation grants…” Expert: “If Rhee accomplishes this, it would be earthshaking reform that would have implications everywhere.”
* WG EVENT: A Conversation with Michelle Rhee – July 17

Lack of Funds Cited For Halting Renovations of DC schools (WaPo, 7/3)

DC HIV/AIDS Administration Out of Condoms (FightHIVinDC.org, 7/1) – Apparently it’s temporary, but still.

Housing Counselors Struggle Keep Up with Demand of Desperate Clients (WAMU, 7/2) – “Local non-profits are struggling to meet the needs of desperate clients facing home foreclosure.” Chuck Bean: “We hear that emergency systems funds are being used up faster than in previous years, while the waitlists for help are growing.”

Economy Slows, Wealthy Giving Grows (Forbes, 7/3) – “Individuals made 267 gifts of more than a million dollars during the first quarter, up 43% from 186 the previous year.”

Study: N.Va. hub for immigrants (Examiner, 7/3)