Social profits are driving employment growth in Maryland [News, 7/2]

Social profits “are continuing to drive employment growth in Maryland, a new report suggests.” (BalSun, 7/1)
Charity Goes Green (Chronicle, 6/26) – Discussion: How charities can go green
Invest in the best to make an impact (FT, 6/28) – on the need to encourage social profits to take risks.

Looking at the Dropout Issue (WaPo, 6/30) – a new report from the KIPP Foundation on student mobility
School Officials Urge Approval Of Funds for Building Repairs (WaPo, 7/1)

Arts Patrons, the Next Generation (NYTimes, 6/29)

GE Foundation gives $18M to NYC school system (Fortune, 7/1 | NYTimes, 6/30)

HIV-AIDS continues to ensnare young gay men (WaPo editorial, 6/30)
Decline in Teen Smoking Hits a Wall (WaPo, 6/29)

Fairfax will buy foreclosed properties to use as affordable housing (WaPo, 7/1)
Jumping payments on subrime loans raises foreclosure projections (WaPo, 7/1)


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