Grantmakers give $725,000 to groups working on D.C. school reform [News, 6/27]

Grants Will Aid Groups Working for Education Reform (WaPo, 6/27 | press release) – Led by the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, the Collaborative for Education Organizing (CEO) “will award $725,000 in grants today to fund five District nonprofit organizations dedicated to the city’s public education restructuring.” WG’s Public Education Working Group has partnered with The Community Foundation to support the launch and on-going work of the Collaborative, with several members investing in the effort.
> Grant recipients: The Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center; the D.C. Alliance of Youth Advocates; Youth Education Alliance; D.C. Voice; Tellin’ Stories.

County schools get grants to boost performance (Gazette, 6/19) – national funding for Pr. George’s County Public Schools from Dell and Broad Foundations.
Tranportation rule change could leave D.C. schoolchildren behind (WaPo, 6/27)

California Foundations Back Compromise to Defeat Diversity-Disclosure Measure (Chronicle, 6/24)

$90 Million Urged to Expand Health Care – “Rand Report Calls for Focus on Residents East of the Anacostia” (WaPo, 6/27)

National Children’s Museum to partner with the Accokeek Foundation on educational programs for kids. (Gazette, 6/26)
Profile: Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities’ Bridges school-to-work program (WaPo, 6/26)

$4 per GALLON
IRS raises mileage deductible rate 8 cents (Balitmore Sun, 6/24)