Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports new elder-care effort [News, 6/25]

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Supports New Elder-Care Effort (WSJ, via the Chronicle, 6/24) – “effort to replace large nursing homes with small, homelike facilities for 10 to 12 elderly residents”
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Washington Area Women’s Foundation Awards $645,500 in New Grants (6/23)
Nonprofits struggle to keep up with needs (WBJ, 6/20) – Op-ed by the Women Foundation’s Phyllis Caldwell

D.C. Plans To Inspect All Rental Housing – will proactively inspect all buildings as part of crackdown on slumlords (WaPo, 6/25)

District Sues CareFirst, Says Provider Must Donate Millions (WaPo, 6/25)
CareFirst’s D.C. operation is a federally chartered not-for-profit that must be run as a “charitable and benevolent institution.” But what exactly does “charitable and benevolent” mean? And there’s the problem.
Doctors Balk at Electronic Records (WaPo, 6/24)

Teacher Bonuses Get Unions’ Blessing in Pr. George’s County (WaPo, 6/25)
Report: Area math, reading scores spike (Examiner, 6/25)