Private foundation giving up 7 percent in 2007 [News, 6/23]

Despite Economic Dip, Giving Rose in 2007 (WaPo, 6/23) Giving USA survey says: Charitable giving up 1 percent … private foundations, up 7 percent … corporate, down 1 percent … personal bequests, up 4 percent. But even a slight decline next  year could severely hurt nonprofits that are “chronically undercapitalized anyway,” says the Meyer Foundation’s Julie Rogers. “They may be very well managed, but they live at the financial margins because most of them don’t have much by way of financial reserves or working capital, and they are raising every dollar every year.”
> Increase in Charitable Giving Dampened by Signs of Belt-Tightening (NYTimes, 6/23)

Fenty Consolidates Control Over Youth Nonprofit – “Millicent Williams, who had been head of Serve DC, the mayoral volunteerism concern, will be the new executive director of the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp.” (CityPaper, 6/20)

“Britain’s most generous philanthropists” (Guardian, 6/22) “a new kind of philanthropy that includes forging links with governments that have converted projects into national policies.” (Telegraph, 6/22)

Seeking to prevent development at Poplar Point, the Earth Conversation Corps is “90 percent of the way sure” that they’re going to sue D.C. for failing to clean up toxic waste there. (WBJ, 6/20) This has led several to note that while parks are important, so is dense, mixed-use development.

“A local nonprofit aims to unveil the first nationally standardized green scorecard for buildings” (WBJ, 6/20)


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