It’s Friday! Here’s some news [News, 6/20]

D.C. region to coordinate on traffic, transit information (Examiner, 6/20)
Prince William County to Add Mass Transit To Plan for Transportation (WaPo, 6/19)
Transportation leaders travel into future (WTOP, 6/19)

“Nonprofit?” Nonsense (WGDaily, 6/19) – WG’s Tamara Copeland on why the “nonprofit” label needs to go.
Economic downturn takes toll on charitable giving (BizJournals, 6/18)

$4 per GALLON
Metro no longer needs a special event to set records for ridership. (WBJ, 6/18)

House bill would give D.C. sole control of charter schools (Examiner, 6/20)
2 School Entrepreneurs Lead the Way on Change (NYTimes, 6/19) – I did not know that the founder of Teach for America is married to the guy who runs the Knowledge is Power Program.
Efforts to close achievement gap may hurt best students, report says (Examiner, 6/19)

Donna Edwards is sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives – Until recently, she served as executive director of the Arca Foundation (WaPo, 6/20).