Gray asks grantmakers to help shape children’s policy agenda

Members of Washington Grantmakers’ Children, Youth, and Famillies Working Group only expected to hear a few updates from Vincent Gray at their summer quarterly meeting last week. Instead, the DC City Council Chairman made the group an offer – help the Council create a children’s policy agenda for the next five years. “The Council is young,” he said, with many of the council members currently serving their freshman terms. They have a commitment to children’s issues, but they need help learning the landscape.

Coupled with this invitation, Gray discussed his vision for a new baseball academy – in partnership with the Nationals – that would use athletics as a catalyst for learning; a page program for high school juniors, modeled after similar programs in state houses and on Capitol Hill; a commitment to implementing standards for universal “Pre-K” by 2014; and, a commitment to restoring vocational programming.

CYF leadership will follow up with Gray and develop recommendations for moving forward. Recommendations will be discussed at the next CYF quarterly meeting.