Grantmakers advocate for affordable housing

With DC’s FY 2009 budget season in full swing, Washington Grantmakers and the Community Development Support Collaborative (CDSC) sent letters to City Council members in support of the Mayor’s proposed budget for affordable housing. Following are the recommendations and eventual outcome:

1. A $19 million appropriation to the Housing Purchase Assistance Program, which provides low- and no-interest loans to low-income first-time homebuyers.
Outcome: $19 million committed, maintaining the 2008 funding level.

2. Allocate $19 million to create permanent supportive housing for 150 homeless families and 640 homeless individuals.
Outcome: $19.2 million allocated.

3. Increase funding for the Local Rent Supplement Program from $19 million to $34 million to assist a higher number of the 30,000 families currently on the waiting list. 
Outcome: Budget increased, but only by $2 million.

4. Fully fund the Housing Production Trust Fund with a request for an additional one-time appropriation of $30 million. The appropriation would offset a shortfall due to the decline in deed taxes resulting from the slowing housing market.
Outcome: The Council committed to full funding for the Trust Fund, they did not recommend an additional appropriation.

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2 thoughts on “Grantmakers advocate for affordable housing”

  1. I am voicing my comments based on experience, for health common since and for life. A high risk area is no place to be for a human being in recovery from a mental illness period. The environment is itself is unfit. The surroundings are not fit for an asthmatic child suffering with servere allergies; Period! It has nothing to do with being better than noone it has to do with the health of the patients. Please help and know that this is a plea for Life and health. 72 A Barbara Battle Way Americus.

  2. This is more of a plea for relocation due to life and health reason. Not only affordable housing, but safe and allergy free and mold free. Free from darkness in the area. It is a death threat for someone already suffering with major depression. 72 A Barbara Battle Way Americus, GA It has nothing to do with being better than anyone else it is a matter of health and recovery. It is also a environmental harm to recovery period. Help Please!

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