Cities consider copying Harlem Children’s Zone [News, 6/18]

Cities consider copying Harlem Children’s Zone (Baltimore Sun, 6/15 via the Chronicle) – “So many cities want to emulate Geoffrey Canada’s project that he recently created a “Practitioner’s Institute” to coordinate all of the information requests.” Canada spoke at WG’s 2007 annual meeting.

Living Cities announces grants to support innovative local models of addressing the crisis – D.C.’s CityFirst Enterprises/CityFirst Homes will receive $500,000.
* June 19: Regional Housing Foreclosure Summit

Voucher funds backed, with warning (WaPo, 6/18 – scroll down) – D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program fully funded–for this year.

The Homeless USA Cup will take place in downtown Washington, DC June 27 – 29. “Kicking It” is a Ted Leonsis-produced film about the Homeless World Cup“73 percent of players change their lives for the better after participating by coming off drugs and alcohol, moving into jobs, education, homes, training, reuniting with families…”

Climbing cost of gasoline slows Meals on Wheels, other services (Examiner, 6/18) – Eduardo Romero: “It’s impacting people who depend on home services.”

Open Society Institute (WG member) will award $75 million annually in initiatives through its U.S. programs division. (PND, 6/16)

DC area not immune to infrastructure woes (AP, 6/17) – Meanwhile, the city is falling apart underneath us.
When the levee creaks… you fix it. FEMA “undeclares” downtown Washington a flood zone after city pledges to fix levees (WaPo, 6/17).

Energy Bill Sponsor Says Measure Has Votes to Pass (WaPo, 6/18) – “would require that one-fifth of the energy used in the District come from renewable sources ”


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