“Will the future produce some sort of “disaster marketing” movement? [News, 6/17]

Red Cross Disaster Fund Is Depleted (WaPo, 6/17) – and one reason why is the fact that “the absence of a major U.S. catastrophe since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 has made it difficult to galvanize donors.”  Shortly after the disasters in China and Burma, the guy who co-wrote Freakonomics asked: “Will the future produce some sort of “disaster marketing” movement?” — and it does seem like a definite possibility.
Profile: D.C. College Access Program (WaPo, 6/17) – DC-CAP’s supporters include many WG members.

Report Finds Little Gain From Vouchers (WaPo, 6/17) – The gains are statistically insignificant…but the WaPo finds the data promising. So, basically, whatever you thought of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program before, this report bolsters your argument. Del. Holmes makes her case (against) in a WaPo op-ed.
7 Catholic Schools in D.C. Set to Become Charters (WaPo, 6/17)

Prince George’s to vote on reducing carbon emissions (WBJ, 6/17)
Robert Boone steps down from the Anacostia Watershed Society (WaPo, 6/17) “He wouldn’t hesitate at all, in a room with 20 or 30 people sitting there, getting up and saying ‘You are a worthless bureaucrat!'” 

Katherine Bradley, founder and president of WG member CityBridge Foundation, joins Princeton University’s Board of Trustees. (6/16)