KIDS COUNT 2008 indicators: “better for teens…worse for babies” [News 6/12]

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT 2008 Data Book is here. And, as usual, my GoogleAlerts have exploded with news coverage in every state about infant mortality, high school drop-out rates, disconnected youth—and what needs to be done to improve the lives of children. A tremendous product. This year’s essay is “A Road Map for Juvenile Justice Reform.”
> AECF’s Press release
Report: Worrisome rise in underweight babies (AP, 6/12)
> Maryland (ranked 19) > Virginia (ranked 15) > D.C. is not ranked (though the report does include data for the District) 

“Welcome to the latest craze in philanthropy: competitions” (Conde Nast Portfolio, 6/12)

At its new Rockville location, heavy demand for the Jewish Social Service Agency (WaPo, 6/12)

WaPo editorial: Keep the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (WaPo, 6/12)  – Mayor Fenty, Chairman Gray agree. Del. Norton does not.
Flunking state exams could mean some Md. seniors don’t graduate (Examiner, 6/12)

In Virginia, $18M intended for substance-abuse services has escaped into the general fund, never to be heard from again. (WaPo, 6/12)