District signs $12M contract for database to track student info [News, 6/9]

Tax Laws Popularize the Small Foundation (NYTimes, 6/7) … resulting in a 49 percent increase in such foundations since 1995
That Spirit of Volunteerism, 60 Million Strong (NYTimes, 6/8)
– Technology Entrepreneurs Urged to Step Up Philanthropy (Chronicle, 6/6)
Misguided calls for ‘business thinking’ in philanthropy (FT, 6/7)

District signs contract for database to track student enrollment, achievement (Examiner, 6/9) – For years, D.C. has lacked any central information source for tracking enrollment, graduation, demographics and postsecondary participation. Superintendent’s office: “It’s sorely needed.” It’s been in the works for a while–Deputy Mayor of Education Victor Reinoso discussed plans with grantmakers last year.
Fate of D.C. Voucher Program Darkens (WaPo, 6/9) – Del. Norton working on a plan to phase it out.
When should you close a charter school? (WaPo, 6/9)
New Talk of D.C. Community College (WaPo, 6/7)
– “The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation [WG member] works with eight universities, including Bucknell, to encourage transfers” from 2-year community colleges. (WaPo, 6/8)

– A rap star on probation for gun charges teaches kids about making good choices and avoiding crime (WaPo, 6/7). (Mixed messages?) The nonprofit It’s Cool to Be Smart brings T.I. to DC.

It’s code red hot today and tomorrow–be careful.