Funders responding to the foreclosure crisis

Tamara Lucas Copeland, President, Washington Grantmakers 

Home foreclosures set a record in the first quarter of 2008 and are still rising. Two million children in the U.S. live in families that will lose their homes over the next two years to foreclosure–and that’s just one aspect of this crisis.

On June 19, WG member Freddie Mac is sponsoring The Foreclosure Crisis: A Regional Perspective, put on by another WG member, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. This event will give regional leaders the chance to suggest coordinated responses to one of the most important issues facing this region.

Ralph Boyd of Freddie Mac will moderate the “Local and National Funders Respond” session, which will feature funders sharing the development of their strategies and responses. I encourage any grantmaker working on this issue to attend.

In Detroit, five foundations have collaborated to fund the creation of an Office of Foreclosure Intervention & Response. What innovative approaches might our community come up with?

– Tamara