“Slowdown fails to dent US corporate charity” [News, 6/4]

Slowdown fails to dent US corporate charity (FT, 6/3) – “Big US corporations lifted their charitable giving last year by 5.6 per cent – to a median $26m – despite worsening economic conditions and a slowdown in earnings.”

Council members propose tighter rules for establishing charter schools (WaPo, 6/4)
Accelerated math can be problem somtimes (WaPo, 6/4)

High cost of health in golden years (CNNMoney, 6/3) – Suffice to say, it’s high. The Urban Institute estimates that the number of adults 85 and older will nearly quadruple between 2000 and 2040. Time for more grantmakers to look at issues related to aging?

The Aspen Institute releases 10 Nonprofit Policy Proposals To Strengthen U.S. Communities (wire, 6/2) – Here’s the report (pdf).

Universities Join to Reinvigorate Local Tech Scene (WaPo, 6/4) – With “the Chesapeake Crescent Innovation Alliance, the universities hope to reinvigorate the region’s technology sector.” Regional partnerships–always a good thing.

WALL STREET – Firm gives Pr. George’s County a AAA bond rating (WaPo, 6/4)

@ WG:

Funders’ Roundtable of Montgomery County – June 5
Northern Virginia Funders Networking Lunch – June 10|
Children, Youth, and Families Working Group: Quarterly Meeting – June 11