Nonprofit mergers – why so rare? [News, 6/2]

The nation’s largest volunteer agency is the result of a nonprofit merger. (AJC, 6/1) When the merger was announced last November, the NYTimes covered the reasons why nonprofit mergers are few and far between.
Profile: Young Adult Corp. – Its “Young Men Making Moves” program helps disaffected youth in D.C. turn it around. (WaPo, 5/31)

– Opinion: The ‘Diversity’ Threat to California Charity (WSJ, 5/30) – “Ultimately, this all leads in one direction: to politically determine how private charities manage and deploy their resources.”
A $10 Mosquito Net Is Making Charity Cool (NYTimes, 6/2) – Here’s a message that resonates: “This represents your lunch today at McDonald’s or your pizza tonight from Domino’s. Or you could save a human life.”

– Colby King questions DC’s grants to certain nonprofits in light of $75M schools ask. (WaPo, 5/31)
Plan for school buildings delayed again (Examiner, 6/2)
School officials overhauling discipline process (Examiner, 5/31)

Prince William officers given choice to check immigration status (Examiner, 5/31) – Why does this sound like trouble?

Barry Farm residents affected by DC’s New Communities Initiative wonder if everyone will be able to return. (WBJ, 5/30 – subscription)