D.C. voting rights–gearing up for the next round [News, 5/29]

DC government budgeting $500,000 for DC Vote – and the group’s pitch can be more overtly political (“Take action. Call senator so-and-so”) now that Congress has lifted the ban on such spending (WaPo, 5/29). DC Vote’s supporters include several WG members.

Plan to Remake Tysons Increases Its Density (WaPo, 5/29) – “Developers aren’t the only advocates for unleashing a building boom in Tysons. Environmentalists and smart-growth advocates agree that urban density, “green” building requirements and deep limits on parking are proven ways to reduce traffic, storm water pollution and energy consumption, improve air quality and protect streambeds.”

DC United wants $225M for a Poplar Point stadium. The city hadn’t even fully commited to $150M. Marc Fisher warns that “a stadium that gets used maybe 30 times a year isn’t going to spark development” or create jobs. (WaPo, 5/29)

Arlington to wheel out bike-sharing program (Examiner, 5/29)

Montgomery’s Economic Divide Growing (WaPo, 5/29) – “east-west split in income levels and housing costs”

Advocates of Citizenship Propose $15 Million for ‘Support Centers’ (WaPo, 5/29) – “primarily developed by the advocacy groups CASA de Maryland and Tenants and Workers United of Virginia”