Freddie Mac Foundation Grant for preschool will help more parents who work nights [News, 5/23]

Preschool for Needy Opens Its Arms Wider (WaPo, 5/23) – $550,000 will allow D.C.’s Bright Beginnings Child Development Center to expand evening child care. Ralph Boyd: “It’s active, attentive care for children…what they’re doing is enormously transformative for these children and their families.”

The Community Foundation honors four Washington area residents with 2008 Linowes Leadership Awards (WaPo, 5/23)

Bradford K. Smith Named President of the Foundation Center (wire, 5/21)

Countdown begins to save Prince George’s Co. hospitals (Examiner, 5/23) – “still time for politicians to muck up the process”

Teachers union members press to replace group’s president (Examiner, 5/23) – “We feel misrepresented”

Report: Fairfax County is awesome at recycling (Examiner, 5/23)
Report: Rising Seas Called Threat To Shore and Bay by 2100 (WaPo, 5/23)

In U.S., a Multitude of Forces Drains the Spirit of Giving (WaPo, 5/23)

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