Google does electronic medical records [News 5/21]

Giving away more than just money (5/20) NPR’s Marketplace’s story on giving circles quotes Daria Teutonico of the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers.

Tough summer employment season ahead for local teens (Examiner, 5/21) – teens “facing the toughest summer employment season in the post-World War II era.” Expert guy: “Kids that work during high school are less likely to drop out and more likely to go to college.”

D.C. – Teacher Contract Would End Seniority (WaPo, 5/21) – Rhee: This contract will “revolutionize education as we know it.” Union: Huh?

Google Offers Personal Health Records on the Web (NYTimes, 5/20) – Those of you who have funded/worked with electronic medical records may be interested to know that Google’s in the game now. It sounds like users will be able to directly import info from Walgreens, CVS, the American Heart Association, Quest Diagnostics, and others. If you have a Google account, all that remains is to login. They claim that privacy concerns were not a barrier to use in the pilot. I, for one, welcome our new data-minded overlords.

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