mGive allows cellphone users to text donations to nonprofits [News, 5/20]

Mobile Giving Foundation Creates a New Way of Contributing to the World through Mobile Phones (wire, 5/19) – It’s impulse giving, from your cellphone. Learn more from NTEN and Every Day Giving.

Online discussion tomorrow at noon with Kaiser Family Foundation’s Vicky Rideout
Why does it happen? In D.C., particular “neighborhoods can make kids fat.” In the suburbs, some report they are too busy to be healthy (WaPo, 5/20).

What to do with empty houses? In Prince William, the County considers making loans to county employees to buy homes (WaPo, 5/20). In Fairfax, the County considers buying the homes and using them for affordable housing (WaPo, 5/20) (though the Examiner reports the initial purchase may be only 10 houses.)

“Disaster fatigue” (AP, 5/19) – “For the vast number of Americans, if they just gave to some disaster far away and then another disaster happens, in their mind that’s clumped as `faraway disaster,'” Strahilevitz says. “So they will feel, ‘I just gave to a faraway disaster.'”