Foundation visitors see “The World in a Zipcode” in Md. [News, 5/19]

“Silver Spring – The World in a Zipcode” (WAMU, 5/16) – Gustavo Torres, executive director of Casa de Maryland, takes national foundation leaders and WAMU reporter Faryl Ury on a tour of Silver Spring, Maryland, home of residents from 140 different countries who speak over 140 different languages (summary). The site sessions, planned by the Washington Metropolitan Host Committee, left the 3000+ conference visitors with a new perspective on the D.C. region.

Carefirst gives $1M to YMCA of Metropolitan Washington to help prevent childhood obesity, funding after-school events and YMCA’s Kids Health Mobile (WBJ, 5/16)
– A series on childhood obesity in the WaPo includes a video of Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, the CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. [In related news, Trader Joes was packed yesterday. The checkout guy said it was unprecedented. I think it’s because everyone read these articles.] [In related news, one cannot buy stock in Trader Joe’s. It’s private.]

‘B corporation’ plan helps philanthropic firms (SFChronicle, 5/18) – Read this for a nice overview on the short history of the B Corp (the “B” is for “beneficial”). 

Meeting in S.F. on getting aid into Burma (SFGate, 5/17) – For philanthropy, “the temporary nature of the waiver [of economic sanctions on Burma] is problematic. The real challenge will be in rebuilding schools and hospitals…”

The missing piece of D.C. education reform is adult education (WaPo, 5/18)

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– May 19:
 CYF/PEWG: “Effect of New DCPS Policies on Out-of-School-Time Programs”