D.C.’s Mary’s Center opens a branch in Silver Spring, Md. [News, 5/16]

Mary’s Center opens a branch in Silver Spring, Maryland (WaPo, 3/15) – Venture Philanthropy Partners helped fund the expansion. “Sally Rudney, executive director of the Montgomery County Community Foundation, said many of the donors and philanthropists she works with ‘have no idea what Montgomery County is really like, what kinds of needs are here.'”
@WG: June 5: Funders Roundtable of Montgomery County

DC Area Nonprofits Fear Loss of Funding As United Way Retools (WaPo, 5/16) – United Way’s CEO discusses the new 10 year goals. (WaPo, 5/15)

Red Cross Seeks $7 Million in Federal Money for Staffing (NYTimes, 5/16)

Rhee Offers Plan To Improve D.C.’s Troubled Schools (WaPo, 5/16) – “Seventeen of the 26 schools are slated to get new principals or teachers.” Opponents argue that “Children need stability” [which seems like a weak argument. I used to get a new teacher every year, didn’t you?] The D.C. school union calls the principal dismissals “random and arbitrary” (Examiner, 5/16).  Schools being outsourced to private firms are Anacostia, Ballou, Coolidge and Dunbar high schools and Hart Middle School. (Examiner, 5/16)

The Elsie & Marvin Dekelboum Family Foundation announces a gift of $1 million to Children’s National Medical Center. (wire, 5/15)

King memorial foundation under federal investigation (Statesman, 5/15) – There’s also controversy about the statue design.

Younger Donors as Generous as Other Generations, Report Finds (PND, 5/13)

@ WG:
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When the Giving Gets Tough: Corporate Giving in Today’s Economy
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