DC schools to get record Teach for America participants [News, 5/14]

Teach for America will send 170 teachers to the District –a 20 percent increase over last year and nearly half of the 350 to 400 new teachers the system is expected to need  (Examiner, 5/14). Supporters of Teach for America DC include several WG members.

Arts and Humanities Working Group kicks back into gear (WGDaily, 5/13)
Getty Trust cuts 114 positions to boost budget for core arts programs (LATimes, 5/14)
Getty is the largest U.S. arts philanthropy. 

– Supported by Venture Philanthropy Partners, a local consulting firm is “launching a leadership initiative to train some of its managers to join the boards of Washington area nonprofit organizations.” (WaPo, 5/14)
DC budget includes $13M more in earmarks for nonprofits than previous version. (WaPo, 5/13)

Some Arlington, Va. residents to zoning planners: I love affordable housing. But not in my backyard. Or my neighbor’s. (WaPo, 5/14)

BioRegional seeks to create local ‘zero carbon’ community – “In its plans for D.C., BioRegional has been working with Roger and Vicki Sant of Summit Fund of Washington [WG member].” (WBJ, 5/13)

@ WG:
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When the Giving Gets Tough: Corporate Giving in Today’s Economy
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– May 19: CYF/PEWG: “Effect of New DCPS Policies on Out-of-School-Time Programs”