Pr. George’s County gets $6M in foundation grants for education [News, 5/5]

Prince George’s County gets $6M in foundation grants to track performance beyond test scores. (Examiner, 5/5) – Dell Foundation, Broad Foundation make grants to develop “an accessible database of small factors that lead to larger success.”

D.C. Schools Blitzed With Paint and Plants (WaPo, 5/4) – The projects were sponsored by Fannie Mae and Greater D.C. Cares. “Siobhan Canty, head of Greater D.C. Cares, said her organization would like to do more for the schools. But she said she hasn’t received as much cooperation as she would like from Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) and Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee.” Canty: “We hope today is the start of a conversation with the city about how we can be an asset to their efforts to revitalize the D.C. school system…Real work is needed to develop partnerships.”

9/11 Charity Held Up as Model Of How Best to Help Bereaved (WaPo, 5/4) – “Over the first seven months after the attacks, the Survivors’ Fund spent just $800,000 of its [$25 million in] donations. This was by design.” The Surivors’ Fund is an LLC of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region [WG member].
– The head of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy finds David Rockefeller’s choice to give $100M to Harvard “terribly sad.” (NYTimes, 5/2)
Thousands of Philanthropists Convene to Develop Philanthropy’s Future at Historic Summit (wire, 5/4)
Charities feeling the effects of economic slowdown (LATimes, 5/2)

Speakers Express Division on Bill To Mandate Health-Care Coverage (WaPo, 5/3)

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