Honors for Women’s Foundation, Stepping Stones, & Fannie Mae’s Stewart [News, 5/2]

The Women’s Funding Network will honor the  Washington Area Women’s Foundation tonight for being one of its “most innovative, dynamic members,” and Fannie Mae’s Stacey Stewart for her work with the Foundation’s Stepping Stones economic justice program. (release, 5/2)

Bank of America
(WG member) announces foreclosure prevention efforts and a new 10-year, $2 billion national corporate philanthropy goal (wire, 4/28). Separately, BofA’s Philanthropic Management department adds a searchable listing of all grant opportunities from foundations it serves as trustee, co-trustee or agent. (NMBW, 4/28)
@ WG … May 15:
 When the Giving Gets Tough: Corporate Giving in Today’s Economy

Economic Troubles Multiply Requests for Help in D.C. Area (WaPo, 5/2) – “Spikes in gas, food and energy prices are having a devastating effect . . . on poor, working families.”
Red ink in D.C.’s affordable housing fund growing (WBJ, 5/2 – subscription)

WaPo covers Maryland eCare, $3M investment from CareFirst (5/1)

– May is National Foster Care Month
Happy 10th birthday to GEO