Michelle Rhee reveals plans for private investments in D.C. school reform [News, 4/28]

Profile: Michelle Rhee reveals her plans for the private sector’s role in D.C. school reform (WBJ, 4/25) – “In a meeting with members of The Philanthropy Roundtable on April 1, she repeated Fenty’s blunt request that they contribute $75 million every year for the next five years — while adding that most of the money would probably go toward teachers’ salary incentives.” This article is subscriber only, but a great interview. Read this week’s WBJ: (See also: PEWG)

Q: I’ve heard some nonprofits and businesses complaining that they can’t get a meeting with you.
I would agree with that. Everybody wants to meet with me. The bottom line is I can’t pay attention to every single little nonprofit that wants a meeting with me. If you try and appease everybody and take a meeting with every single person, all you’re going to do is spend all day long in meetings. I have to have focus. I have to have discipline.

Pr. George’s Chief John Deasy backs proposal for equalized federal spending on schools in wealthy and poor areas. (WaPo, 4/28 )
Fight for Children gives $300,000 to D.C. schools – this time in the WBJ (4/25)
N.Va. Hit With Cost Of School Migration – “Pr. William policies drive immigrants to inner suburbs” (WaPo, 4/28 )

Local nonprofits make case for funding before D.C. Council (WaPo, 4/26) – “Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D) chided [Youth Court’s executive director] for failing to establish a board of directors and more sources of funding, pledges she’d made last year when the group requested and received $450,000… Dallas said her staff of a half-dozen is juggling 1,500 juveniles’ cases and has not had time to address those issues. Without the money, the 12-year-old-program will likely fold…”
– The WaPo has a profile of The Breastfeeding Center and director Pat Shelly. (WaPo, 4/27)

D.C. discovers that once per year isn’t enough for its Household Hazardous Waste and E-Cycling event. (WaPo, 4/27)

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– April 30: Arts & Humanitites Working Group kick-off!