Goodman to funders/nonprofits: “We’ve got a problem.”

Here’s the thing: Most nonprofits and foundations don’t capitalize on “the world’s oldest form of viral marketing”–their stories. They waste their most valuable communications asset. Why are stories more effective than data, mission statements, or values statements? Because “numbers numb, jargon jars… but stories are stored.”

At last Thursday’s lunch event, communications expert Andy Goodman broke down the elements of a good story for Washington Grantmakers and Nonprofit Roundtable members, and suggested specific buckets of story-types that we should make sure to fill. It was tremendously useful and entertaining, but since I’m paid to tell you things like that, here are a couple of other opinions:

“Just superb!  Inspiring, immediately useful, thought provoking and engaging — a rare combination.” – Ruth Schimel, The Schimel Lode

“It’s not often that you attend an hour-long seminar and come away with real, concrete steps that you can implement immediately without extra cost or even a huge amount of time.  Everything he talked about was very doable, and intuitive.  I started using his ideas that same afternoon as I was drafting some talking points. And, he was hilarious to boot.” – Lisa Kays, Washington Area Women’s Foundation

If we missed you at this event, we hope to see you soon!

Andy Goodman, Tamara Lucas Copeland (president, Washington Grantmakers), and Chuck Bean (Executive Director, Nonprofit Roundtable)