Reston Interfaith launches ‘HOUSE’ program with Freddie funding [News, 4/23]

Reston Interfaith’s new Housing OpportUnities Strengthens Everyone (HOUSE) initiative is made possible in part by a $500,000 investment by WG member Freddie Mac Foundation (Fairfax Times, 4/22) “Through HOUSE, 34 homeless families (128 individuals) will have access to town homes along with resident services with the goal of helping more vulnerable families stabilize their lives and stay in their
homes.” (wire, 4/22)

WG member Carol Trawick receives Interfaith Works’ Humanitarian of the Year award. (Gazette, 4/23)

ENVIRONMENT – Montgomery Aims to Make Green Homes Mandatory (WaPo, 4/23)

HOUSING – City Asks For Muscle To Address ‘Slumlords’ (WaPo, 4/23)

Rhee Says Schools Overhaul May Take Years (WaPo, 4/23) – She’s lowering expectations for the worst of D.C.’s schools…

Oprah’s Big Give is over. I didn’t watch, but these folks did–and were not impressed. (Chronicle, 4/21)