“Chess for Success” for DC Youth [News, 4/18]

Richard and Lois England are providing seed money to bring “Chess for Success” to the District. Chess for Success will parter with Project My Time (a city-wide initiative through the Trust) to implement two pilot programs at Kelly Miller (Ward 7) and Lincoln (Ward 1) Middle Schools.

“Colleen Hahn, executive director of the Equal Footing Foundation, explains how her nonprofit is connecting more students in Northern Virginia with technology.” (WBJ)

“One of Washington, D.C.’s most successful tutoring programs is expanding to Baltimore.” (WBJ, 4/17) Atlantic Philanthropies and WG member Jack Kent Cooke Foundation fund the Higher Achievement Program expansion.

WaPo on the teacher buyout: “Sounds like a win-win proposition, particularly since the plan is strictly voluntary.” (WaPo, 4/18 )
Troubled D.C. Schools May Get Outside Help (WaPo, 4/18 )

More about the “Innovations in American Government” award for the D.C.’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services’ “Postive Youth Development” initiative. (So, the WaPo fiiinally catches up to us on this story.) Here’s Harvard’s full list of 50.

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