Fight for Children offers cash for improving schools [News, 4/16]

“Fight for Children [WG member] has announced the seven District schools that are finalists in a new program offering $100,000 awards based on academic gains and the percentage of students from low-income households.” (Examiner, 4/16) “Once the winners are chosen, Fight for Children will create a best-practices guide that will be distributed to all city schools, and it will hold a principal forum led by honored schools.” Fight for Children will will announce the winners at its annual School Night event on April 24.

Chancellor adds pricey post to schools administration … and some are intrigued by who wrote the job description (Examiner, 4/16). Remember: MSWord remembers who authored a document!

– “Harvard University Lists DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services Among ‘Top 50 Programs’ In Nation” (release) – Mr. Schiraldi has overseen quite a turnaround. (Background on funder involvement here and here.)
Fenty fires veteran from youth advisory council (Examiner, 4/15) – The quotes from the kids are pretty dispiriting.

Marc Fisher likes the Newseum, but wonders why there’s no mention of the fact that the news business as we know it is imploding before our eyes.

@ WG:
– tomorrow: “Storytelling as Best Practice for Grantmakers”