Two and a half weeks until the COF Philanthropy Summit [News, 4/15]

INTERVIEW with Steve Gunderson about COF Summit (Alliance Magazine, April) – “I think we need to start with a premise that philanthropy is not, nor should it ever become, ‘government lite’.”

Foundation Provides $1.7-Million for a Study on Local News (Chronicle, 4/14)

DC SCHOOLS – Some Union Officials Tell Teachers To Spurn District’s Buyout Offer (WaPo, 4/15)

…and finally, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, on speculation that a life of philanthropy won’t be enough for him: “Well, I think these jobs are what you make them. I mean, as you know, I give away $225-odd million a year, and there’s an awful lot of ways to change the world, be involved. And I think you can contribute a lot by really working hard at it, and I will do it.” (NYDN, 4/14)