$800,000 grant to help end family homelessness in our region [News, 4/11]

Freddie Mac Foundation announces $800,000 grant (wire, 4/10) –  National Alliance to End Homelessness “to help nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies in the District of Columbia, Fairfax County, Va. and Montgomery County, Md. to implement their ten year plans to end homelessness and adopt Housing First initiatives for homeless families.”

That food bank that was robbed? A Community Foundation fund has made a $5000 grant to help replenish the reserves. (wire, 4/9)

The D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation is sponsoring a free conference to discuss and explore issues specifically affecting girls ages 13 to 18. (WaPo, 4/10 – scroll down)

Grantmakers Seek to Align Efforts for D.C. School Reform (WGDaily, 4/10)
700 Teachers Are Offered Buyout (WaPo, 4/11)

Local divide between richest and poorest grows (Examiner, 4/10) – If D.C. were a state it would top the list.

The new Newseum opens today (AP, 4/10)
Foundations offer quick grants for arts (SM Co.Times, 4/9)

…and finally: Scotsman decides to leave fortune to charity, and makes a film of himself encouraging other multi-millionaires to act similarly. “I believe that giving the money you make away is the best reason for making it in the first place, and that we rich in Britain don’t do enough yet.”

@ WG:
– April 15: CYF: East of the River Task Force
– April 17: “Storytelling as Best Practice for Grantmakers”
April 24: Public Education Working Group
– April 30: Arts & Humanitites Working Group kick-off!