Impact Study: Teach for America teachers get better results [News, 4/9]

A good grade for Teach for America (CSMonitor, 4/4) – “High-schoolers taught by the program’s novice instructors scored better on year-end exams.” Here’s the Urban Institute study (pdf). Several WG members are supporters of Teach for America-Metro D.C.
Advocates oppose Mayor Fenty’s proposal to eliminate two school budget hearings. (WaPo, 4/9)

Draft zoning regulations would require bike parking and shower facilities (Greater Greater Washington, 4/8 ) – There’s an opportunity for public comment.

Former Corporate Executive to Run Red Cross (NYTimes, 4/9) – “Ms. McGovern’s appointment exemplifies a trend in the nonprofit sector to recruit successful business executives in the hope that their expertise will instill greater professionalism and financial acumen in the sector.” You may remember Gail McGovern from the commercial below, along with the phrase “If you’re not satisfied, we’ll pay to switch you back.” (via G&T)

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– tomorrow: SCWG: Green Competition Planning Meeting
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