Freddie Mac Foundation sharpens focus, revises grant guidelines [News 4/7]

Freddie Mac Foundation sharpens focus – “make home a place where children and their families thrive.”  Revised funding applications, grant guidelines and related information are now available on the Foundation’s website.
HSC Foundation Giving Tops $3 Million (wire, 4/3)

Opinion: Maryland’s special election is a reminder: “A few months without representation is intolerable — except in the District.” (WaPo, 4/6)

Everybody likes the “safe harbor” provision of No Child Left Behind (WaPo, 4/7), which “forgives a school for low test scores from one or more subgroups if those students show yearly improvement and if the school scores well on the whole.” “People who complain that No Child Left Behind doesn’t reward schools that are making great gains, well, it does, and this is how it does that,” said Michael J. Petrilli, vice president for national programs and policy at the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
Fairfax Might Raise Property Tax Rate to Help Schools (WaPo, 4/6)
“Federal Report Fuels a Quarter-Century of Restructuring, and Controversy” (WaPo, 4/7) – interesting recap of last 25 years of education reform efforts
– Opinion: “The Real Cost Of Public Schools” – (WaPo, 4/6) 

District Sues 23 Landlords for Code Violations (WaPo, 4/5)
– Mont. Co., Md. – Leggett Urges Rehab of Units, Speedier Regulatory Process (WaPo, 4/5)

SMART GROWTH – Economic Woes Render Growth Debate Moot (WaPo, 4/7)

HEALTH – Pr. George’s Hospitals Get Relief, Not a Cure (WaPo, 4/7)

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– April 15: CYF: East of the River Task Force