So, you want to be an Executive Director of a nonprofit… [News, 4/1]

Washington area’s Nonprofit Roundtable to offer fellowships (WBJ, 3/31) “nine-month fellowship to 25 local nonprofit professionals, designed to teach them the expertise and skills needed to become executive directors.” Funding from WG members Meyer Foundation, Casey Foundation, Cafritz Foundation, the Freddie Mac Foundation, and the Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation. Applications due May 30.

[D.C.] A grant from the Women’s Foundation’s African American Women’s Giving Circle makes a big difference for Anacostia nonprofit Ascensions Community Services. (WaTimes, 4/1)

Report Sketches Crime Costing Billions: Theft From Charities (NYTimes, 3/29) – Yes… but the $40 billion theft number is based on a cross-sector average of 6%. So maybe the headline should read “Nonprofits Are Better than For-Profits at Preventing Fraud.” The report’s authors can’t say for sure and neither can anyone else. Fraud is a problem for all organizations, but I don’t understand the logic for singling out nonprofits. If the argument is that nonprofits should be held to a higher standard, it would be nice if someone would actually say that in the report or article.

Economy Slows Charitable Giving, Fundraising in 2007 (wire, 3/31) – so says AFP report.

– [Va.] Two-thirds of adults in Fairfax’s 311 homeless families have full-time employment (!) (WaPo, 4/1) – 36 percent of Fairfax’s total homeless population are children.
– [DC] Fenty’s proposed 2009 budget would create a $19 million housing fund (WaPo, 4/1) –
Nation’s Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened By Aristocratization (4/1) – “Around here, you used to be able to get a Fair-Trade latte and a chocolate-chip croissant for only eight bucks… “Now it’s all tearooms and private salon gatherings catered with champagne and suckling pig. Who can afford that?” *

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– April 3: Health Working Group 
– April 15: CYF: East of the River Task Force

(* Happy April 1.)