Corporate philanthropy: To brand or not to brand? [News, 3/28]

How ExxonMobil is Trying to Take Education Reform to Scale (BCCCC, 3/08) – “ExxonMobil’s grant was a notable break with standard corporate practice. Typically, companies insist on “branding” their education initiatives…With NMSI, Exxon resisted this impulse. Even as it gave $125 million, it didn’t insist that the program be renamed the “Exxon” Math and Science Initiative. The reason: ExxonMobil is hoping that the National Math and Science Initiative will attract many other corporate supporters…”
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– [Va.] Connolly proposes to buy foreclosures, sell as affordable ‘work force’ housing (Examiner, 3/28)
– [D.C.] Study: Expiring subsidies signal an affordable-housing drought (Examiner, 3/27)

“Stewards of the environment” – the origins and mission of WG member Newton Marasco Foundation (Daily Times, 3/27)

Metro spells out goals, including more on-time trains and “reducing by 10 percent the number of times riders have to get off trains that have broken down” (WaPo, 3/28). Y’know, those two issues just might be related.