Evaluation vs. metrics schmetrics [News, 3/27]

Meyer Foundation VP Albert Ruesga’s full remarks
from the recent Bradley Center panel (White Courtesy Telephone, 3/26) – “More nonsense has been spoken and written about evaluation than about any other subject in philanthropy.”

Gates Foundation funds ‘real time data for teachers’ initiative in Charlotte, N.C. (3/26)
– [D.C.] Rhee plans to offer an early-retirement program for teachers this year (WaPo, 3/27) – hundreds are interested

Fenty’s proposed ’09 budget “includes roughly $26.8 million in earmarks for dozens of nonprofits, from the D.C. Central Kitchen and DC Vote to the Fort Dupont Ice Arena and the High Tea Society.” The largest earmark is $10M to FOrd’s Theatre. (Examiner, 3/27)

Nonprofit formed after Pr. George’s cuts abstinence program (Examiner, 3/27)

FEMA says the 70-year-old levee system has critical weaknesses that expose the city to catastrophic flooding… wait–they’re talking about D.C.!? Fenty will allocate $2.5M to build 17th Street levee. (Examiner, 3/27)

HUD awards $20M grant for D.C.’s seventh Hope VI project–“redeveloping the former Sheridan Terrace public housing project in Southeast Washington into a mix of 336 units of affordable and market-rate apartments and single-family houses.” A new report from NeighborhoodInfo DC presents a census of the affordable housing units in the city: of D.C.’s 250,000 housing units, about 35,000 are subsidized and classified as affordable. (WaPo, 3/27)
D.C. picks developer for Lincoln Heights project (WBJ, 3/26) – 26 units of mixed-income housing

In N.Va., a Latino Community Unravels (WaPo, 3/27)

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– April 3: Health Working Group