We’re losing fight to end hunger in U.S. [News, 3/25]

“Our job is not going well,” says Harvard’s Dr.  J. Larry Brown, the nation’s leading hunger scholar. He notes that while the nation’s largest hunger charity used to say “we have a job that should not exist,” it now calls itself an “equal partner” with government in “addressing hunger.” He proposes that the hunger sector “announce publicly that it intends to go out of business within the next four years.” (Morning Sentinel, 3/24)

Rockefeller Foundation Gives $500,000 to Develop ‘Social’ Stock Market (FT, via the Chronicle) – For more on this issue, read Tactical Philanthropy blog’s posts on philanthropic capital markets.

Two economists ask: “Why is the US government subsidising Harvard University’s decision to make itself more affordable for wealthy students?”  (Guardian, 3/24)

“The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation could dole out $9 million nationally over the next three years to help support caregivers of the elderly.” (BBJ, 3/24)

Howard County’s innovative health access plan for uninsured will include dental – (BalSun, 3/25) – WG member Horizon Foundation involved.

Fenty proposal would cut public input on D.C. schools budget (Examiner, 3/25)