Money buys happiness if you spend it on someone else [News, 3/21]

Study: “Money buys happiness if you spend it on someone else” (Ottowa Citizen, 3/20) – great line, eh?
Philanthropists’ donations come under scrutiny for diversity (Capitol Weekly, 3/20) – Foundations “believe the Coto  bill may be the harbinger of a regulatory scheme for the philanthropic community.” Foundation leaders are scheduled to meet with Coto next week.

Home Depot gives $30M to Habitat for Humanity (AJC, 3/21)
Nonprofit Developer Breaks Ground on $90M Green Affordable Housing in La Quinta, Calif. (wire, 3/20)

3-minute interview: Linda Eatmon-Jones, of Fairfax Partnership for Youth, a grantee of Washington Grantmakers members

D.C. – Fenty’s budget proposal (WaPo, 3/21) – $61M, not $117M, to affordable housing. “In July, Fenty told the Washington Interfaith Network, an advocacy group, that the city would commit $117 million to housing. His aides said that the pledge was never intended to be fulfilled solely through city operating funds and that the mayor would bridge the gap by dedicating city-controlled land and other resources.”

…and a happy late Vernal Equinox to you all.

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– March 27 – CYF/PEWG: Out of School Time Programs