Thursday Round-up [News, 3/20]

Knight Foundation Donates $25M to Newseum (Examiner, 3/19)|
Anapolis arts district as an “economic engine for the city” (HometownAnn, 3/18)
NEW: WG’s Arts and Humanities Working GroupKick-off meeting in late April, date TBD. Email for info.

Scholarships to Philanthropy Summit – National Harbor, Md., May 4-7 – courtesy the Next Generation Scholarship Fund if you “born after 1965” (so, 1966 or later, I guess?) and meet other criteria. [Event information/registration]
– Idealist Nonprofit Career Fair in D.C., April 2, 11am – 3pm.

Public forums to seek input on what to do with closing schools (Examiner, 3/20)

To toll or not to toll? (WaPo, 3/20) Do not ask for whom the toll tolls…

Shortage of inpatient beds for psychiatric patients (3/17). Maryland and Virginia each have 22 beds per 100,000. The minimum is considered 50. It’s a national problem.

FIRE VICTIMS – City Will Offer Rent Subsidies (WaPo, 3/20) (If you must experience a tragedy, it helps to be a part of a larger group in a well-publicized event.)

YOUTH – WG member United for DC’s soccer club, serving economically disadvantaged urban communities, expands to more D.C. sites. (3/19)

@ WG:
– Today, 2:30 p.m. – Washington Grantmakers 101s & New CEO Reception