Getting to children early in D.C. [News, 3/19]

D.C. Council passes bill to expand pre-K. Pre-K for All DC: “We’re absolutely thrilled.” (WaPo, 3/19)
In new pilot program, D.C. START, counselors will go beyond classroom for early interventions for troubled students. (WaPo, 3/19) – involves 17 D.C. agencies
Maryland will likely participate in an NCLB pilot program that will distinguish between failing schools and those making gradual process but not meeting guidelines. (Examiner, 3/19)

“Breaking the Silence”–Inheritance Reconsidered (NYTimes, 3/18) – $41 trillion will change hands by 2052 … “change in philosophy reflects the fact that there are more millionaires who have earned their wealth rather than inherited it”
IRS Removes Donor-Advised Funds from ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Tax Scams (PND, 3/18)
Weakness in Economy Isn’t Hurting Charities (NYTimes, 3/17) …yet.

Deadline to Clean Chesapeake By 2010 Probably Won’t Be Met (WaPo, 3/19) – Officials concede they didn’t act fast enough. Say what’s needed now is a new plan… which they can have ready by 2011.

D.C. advocacy groups ask city to increase funding for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (WaPo, 3/19)

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