Tuesday Round-up [News, 3/18]

The news as a portal to giving – Lucy Bernolz on a new service that connects nonprofit news stories to donation opportunities. (Philanthropy2173, 3/17)

Nonprofits often lose talent to private sector (BalSun, 3/17) – The “Ready to Lead?” report reverberates. Patrick Corvington (AECF, WG board member) quoted extensively.
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington executive resigns (WaPo, 3/18)

Gates Foundation to co-fund study on effectiveness of nonprofit charter school management organizations (wire, 3/18)
Rhee’s ’09 Budget Adds $44 Million (WaPo, 3/18) for art, music, social workers… Advocates wonder where the money will come from.

The CareFirst [WG member] drug subsidy for seniors in Md. is approved, awaits Governor’s signature (Kaisernetwork.org, 3/17)

Taxing Times for County Budgets (WaPo, 3/18) – “slow plans to expand a health insurance program…reduce subsidies for child care…” 

District Planning Push Against ‘Slumlords’ (WaPo, 3/18)

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