Philanthropy: What are we doing this for? [News 3/17]

“For What?: Is Philanthropy Abandoning the Needy?” (onPHilanthropy, 3/13) – Shorter Susan Raymond: No, it’s not abandoning the needy because A) humans have all kinds of needs and B) finding answers to complex problems takes time. Still, it’s a valuable question to ask.

“Use your heart and head when giving” (FT, 3/15)
Homeless shelter director answers question about measuring effectiveness… “Last year one of our regulars died. We paid for his coffin and his burial. And 10 people, who he’d gotten to know here, showed up for his funeral.” He paused. “Does that answer your question?”

 CEO of United Way of the National Capital Area talks about restoring donor confidence. (WBJ, 3/14)

Public boarding schools in Chicago? “Some children should not go home at night; some of them we need 24-7.” (ChiTrib, 3/14)

DC Schools:
Principal Recruitment Another Move in Reform (WaPo, 3/16) – $1M from federal grant for Leadership Academy. “Barbara Byrd-Bennett, who leads the District office of New Leaders for New Schools… has offered to help Rhee develop the DCPS academy.”
Federal Official Praises Progress, Urges More Long-Term Planning (WaPo, 3/15)

COG study will recommend: TOLLS. Lots of them. (WaPo, 3/17)

Centerpiece federal program for preventing foreclosures asks companies to willingly forgo profit by reducing principal on loans. (It’s not working.) (WaPo, 3/15) To keep tabs on the overall financial meltdown, try out the Calculated Risk blog.

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