“Diversity in philanthropy achieved through leadership, not mandates” [News, 3/13]

Diversity in philanthropy achieved through leadership, not mandates (MercNews, 3/12) – CEO of the California Endowment weighs in on pending California legislation. “To my colleagues in the field of philanthropy: I suggest that we use the opportunity of this legislation to offer an alternative and productive set of strategies that provide forward motion in addressing the underlying problems and challenges faced by communities of color…”  Background on legislation: Nonprofit Times (3/1) …  COF: “This is not just a California issue.”

Affordable Housing Advocates: Maintain funding for D.C.’s Housing Protection Trust Fund (WaPo, 3/13)
Maryland considers ambitious legislation to prevent foreclosures (WaPo, 3/13)

Nonprofits in Frederick Co., Md. react to Meyer Foundation’s “Ready to Lead?” report (Gazette, 3/6)

Catholic Charities Foundation honors Clark Charitable Foundation (WG member) (Gazette, 3/12 – scroll down)

In Virginia, a census form determines school funding. In Prince William County, “school officials… encouraged parents, especially Hispanics who may be worried about new laws aimed at illegal immigrants, that the forms are not shared with other government agencies.” (WaPo, 3/13)

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