Wednesday Round-up [News 3/12]

– WG Event:
Washington Grantmakers 101s & New CEO Reception – March 20
The Reader’s Digest Foundation to donate $1M based on inspiring stories from the public (wire, 3/10)
“Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announces “Commission to Build a Healthier America” – chaired by Alice Rivlin and Mark McClellan (thanks reader PK)
HHMI (WG member) launches $300M program to nurture early career scientists (PND, 3/11)
– The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (WG member) seeks gifted middle school students for its Young Scholars Program. (CityPaper blog, 3/11)
Corporate: New report finds surge in socially responsible investing (wire, 3/5)

D.C. to Seek Repeal of Condo Exemption which “allows landlords who empty their buildings to convert to condos without tenant approval or paying thousands of dollars in fees.” (WaPo, 3/12)
Losses Stall Affordable-Housing Projects (WSJ, 3/12)- The problem is the “credit crunch” in financial markets.

National Science Foundation finds telework program helps productivity (WBJ, 3/11) – Yep.

The Virginia Supreme Court appears to have outlawed water bills and toll roads! (WaPo, 3/12) That’s my Commonwealth–always thinking one step ahead…   -Nick (in Annandale)

@ WG:
– March 13 – Screening of PBS documentary: “Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?”
– March 20
Washington Grantmakers 101s & New CEO Reception