Music, art, creativity, talent, giftedness… and test scores [News, 3/6]

Chevy Chase elementary school teacher organizes “Big Draw” art event to protest “curriculum narrowing” spurred by No Child Left Behind law (WaPo, 3/6). “I just think things need to be loosened up a bit to add music and art back into core subjects. Teachers feel so pressured. If they’re not always doing test preparation, they think someone is going to come take their job.” [Yikes. A fine moment to link to my favorite video on the internet.]
Denver schools redefine gifted (USAToday, 3/6) – “If what we are trying to do is measure not accomplishment but giftedness and talent, then putting your thumb on the scale…. for kids from low-income backgrounds re-equalizes things,” said Joshua Wyner of [WG member] Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.
Pearlstein on UDC: “What the District needs is a community college, not a poorly run university.” (WaPo, 3/5)

Hospital System Deal Reached in Prince George’s County – “a more modest effort to keep the system running while it is marketed to potential new owners” (WaPo, 3/6)

Maryland nonprofits say they depend on revenue from electronic gaming machines that would we outlawed by pending legislation. (WaPo, 3/6)

LISC Launches Green Development Center “to support green design, construction, and management principles in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.” (wire, 3/6) – (LISC manages WG’s Community Support Development Collaborative.)

New Ballston development will include 90 units of affordable housing (WaPo, 3/6)

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