Cafritz Foundation to build 1,000 below-market-rate apartments in Northeast, DC [News, 2/22]

WG member Cafritz Foundation “plans to build close to 1,000 below-market-rate apartments to replace an existing apartment complex near South Dakota Avenue and Riggs Road NE.” Safeway has signed a letter of intent to put a new store in a development. (WBJ, 2/15 – via the Roundtable)

Central Union Mission in Talks For New Site in Downtown D.C. (WaPo, 2/22)

Regional budgets are tightening, but nonprofits shouldn’t panic—yet (WGDaily, 2/22)

National United Way Partners with Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University on research and new training courses (wire, 2/21)

In aftermath of Banita Jacks case, the DC’s child welfare agency faces spike in reports of abuse… “caseloads…more than double the level considered acceptable” (Examiner, 2/22 and WaPo, 2/17).

Read today’s dead-tree Post for an op-ed on Chancellor Rhee and the Washington Teachers’ Union. It’s not online, not sure why.