50 days, 80,000 donors, $1.7 million raised [News, 2/21]

Results of the 2007 Giving Challenge: 50 days, 80,000 donors, $1.7 million raised (Wire, 2/21 | WaPo, 2/21) – Case Foundation (WG member) CEO Jean Case: “Thousands of people embraced new technologies, built new online communities, and proved that simple daily actions and small donations can inspire others and tap into their energy and passion to make a difference.”

D.C. investing in Dr. Michael Carrera’s teen pregnancy prevention program (WGDaily, 2/20)

Krugman and scientists: “Poverty in early childhood poisons the brain.” (NYTimes, 2/18)

On Location: Poplar Point – WBJ’s Jonathan O’Connell reports on plans for development. (WBJ, 2/19)

Education: “Learning by Going” (WaPo, 2/21) – “D.C. nonprofit brings history to life with trips around region… Partnerships with other nonprofit groups, such as the Hattie M. Strong Foundation, and other philanthropists and supporters help bring the program to classrooms for free.”
Herb Block Foundation awards 2008 Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning. (E&P, 2/20)
Free tax help nationwide courtesy AARP Foundation (WaPo, 2/21)  – Call 888-227-7669