The Carrera model: full steam ahead

CarreraTen months ago, Dr. Michael Carrera told members of WG’s Children, Youth, and Families Working Group that he was interested in developing a D.C. model of his Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program. Last week, he reported back to the group on the program’s first academic year.

In partnership with WG member Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation, Carrera began working with a cohort of 75 fifth-graders in Ward 7’s ATA Charter School last fall. Only months old, the program has proved so successful that it will expand to three cohorts in the fall – 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. It has also attracted the attention of the District Government, whose support marks a new stage in the Carrera model.

The model, which operates now in seven states, is usually privately funded. But with the District getting behind the program financially, and with a program in Toledo, Ohio, being fully funded by the government, Carrera is optimistic that “the whole model is on the verge of making systemic change.”

Dr. Carrera is moving quickly to expand the program. In his words: “You don’t balance inequity with rhetoric.”

2 thoughts on “The Carrera model: full steam ahead”

  1. I’m curious. How could a program meant to prevent teen pregnancy being delivered to 5th graders prove so successful that the program was expanded within months? Either the article is missing something or there was an epidemic of 5th grade pregnancies that I somehow missed.

  2. Garry – this is actually a follow-up article to a previous post about the Carrera model which you can read here.

    The original post will give you a better picture of the project. Though a reduction in pregnancy rates is a measurable outcome, Dr. Carrera’s program is better described as a holistic, long-term approach that focuses on education, strength of character, and achievement from an early age.

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